I began my practice in 2000 with at-risk parents and children, not knowing the impact this work would have in shaping me. Driven by a desire to connect with people in need, I have been blessed to learn from the stories of many who have overcome extraordinary challenges.

Among the people I have been privileged to meet are: children with exceptionalities and their families, multi-stressed families, military members and veterans, couples facing tremendous conflict, loss and infertility, parents working to find a way to connect with their children, families coping with chronic and sometimes life-threatening illness, the grieving, survivors of childhood abuse, people battling addiction and those searching for peace from thoughts of suicide.

My experience has included work as an Early Interventionist, service as a Social Work Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, Pediatric Social Worker with the IWK Health Centre, and a Child and Family Therapist with New Directions Parenting Centre in Manitoba and Greenwood Military Family Resource Centre.

I use a variety of therapeutic approaches rooted in attachment theory. I am trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR, Emotion Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, Family Systems, and Circle of Security Parenting. I also have training in play based therapies including Theraplay.

My areas of specialization include trauma (developmental/attachment and complex trauma/ PTSD), parenting difficulties/disruptive behaviour, couple therapy, treatment of anxiety, adjustment, and depression (including Post-Partum), and exceptionalities including ADHD and Autism.

“The common thread in my work, and my daily inspiration, is the hope of relationship and healing.”