“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”
~ Brené Brown

We see the incredible need in our community right now. We hear the struggle of many families. We know many are lonely and without physical access to loved ones. We feel the fear, uncertainty and grief.

We are playing new and unexpected roles and carrying added responsibilities in order to support others and meet demands. Our routines, expectations and hopes have all been interrupted. We are all searching for a ‘new normal’ and some sort of stability. In light of the recent and tragic events that have taken place in our province, we are now reeling with confusion, anger and significant loss. We can feel the weight of our sadness.

We also know that the human spirit is an amazing gift.

We can rise from trauma when we know someone cares, when we experience meaningful connection, and when we allow ourselves to just feel what we feel. The struggle is real and so is the hope.

The goals of connection and healing have brought together the Valley Regional Hospital Foundation and Clannad Counselling & Consulting in a partnership. We are working together in the hope that we might provide some comfort and support to our community at a time of great need.

This series is written by Michelle MacIsaac, MSW, RSW and Kathleen Murphy, BEd, MSW of Clannad Counselling & Consulting, and Annette Bentley, MS, Health Education, Annual Fund Coordinator for Valley Regional Hospital Foundation.

To begin, we will be publishing Hope for Healing, a series of articles that focus on helping us better understand ourselves and the needs of others in our community. Each article will highlight challenges like parenting through Covid-19, grieving at a distance, working from home, and fear around financial uncertainty. We will also provide some simple options for you to try at home. We will invite you to explore resources including guided meditations, movement, articles for further reading, and gentle video meditations. Each of us will find comfort in something different so feel free to try something new.

Throughout history, the strength of people during crisis has been based on our connections and how we lean on others. Please join us in our journey toward hope for healing. We are all in this together.

Since 1985, Valley Regional Hospital Foundation has operated as an independent charity to foster a culture of sustained giving in support of health care. Through significant capital purchases, endowments, and special program and service initiatives, the Foundation positively impacts access to health care for the people of the Annapolis Valley and beyond. The Foundation has raised over $27.5 million since its inception.

Clannad Counselling & Consulting is a therapy clinic in Kentville, NS. Clannad was built from a strong belief that relationship and connection are the keys to mental health and wellbeing. Now, more then ever, we are working hard to find new and creative ways to stay connected as a team, lean on one another, and draw support from the people closest to us. This is why we have made delivery of our clinical services through alternative means a top priority. We are excited about our partnership with the Foundation because it allows us to lean into our values, reduce barriers and reach out to connect more directly with our larger community. Community connection is the path to ensuring we heal from this collective experience.